mental health

I got my dad’s eyes, my mom’s smile… and a mix of their depression

Imagine being blindfolded, spun around 8 times, ear plugs jammed in your ears, loud music blasting. I open the door to a pitch black room cluttered with boxes, papers, and an assortment of figurines and china plates, push you inside, and tell you to find the document with your name on it. Slam the door shut. Good luck.

That is how I imagine trying to decipher the mystery that is mood disorders and mental health. A true stab in the dark based on the crumbs that science is able to gather.

My mother, my aunt, both of my sisters, and now recently myself are medicated to control our mental health disparities. All a slight variation of the same: depression and anxiety.
For me: ADHD, OCD, panic attacks, body dysmorphia
(caveat: I know the different aspects of my anxiety best because duh)
Older sister: Severe depression, anxiety
Little sister: Severe depression, anxiety, bipolar
Mom: Depression, anxiety
Aunt: Depression, anxiety
Dad: he is not an open book but definitely displays symptoms of depression
Grandpa: Depression

While I could discuss mental health all day long, my question is to get a general idea of others who have noticed a familial connection with their mental health. Research is fuzzy on this topic and has been found as mostly inconclusive.

Let me know your thoughts.
Until next time xoxo


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